Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Green Shelf: About This Blog


Welcome to Western Libraries' Sustainability Blog! We are happy to share with you our First Post Ever. Western Libraries' Sustainability Team came up with the idea for this blog because we wanted a way to promote access to information and resources related to sustainability. We hope to use this site as a means of sharing with you news about library resources, information about events or activities happening in the library or on campus, as well as general ideas and tips related to implementing sustainable practices.

Currently our blog team is made up of Rob Lopresti, Clarissa Mansfield, and Hans Wholebean, the Libraries' sustainability sock monkey. (Ok, we are not going to lie--due to Hans' lack of fingers, it is difficult for him to type, so we do help him out with his posts. But he comes up with some pretty good ideas on his own!)

Our team may grow in the future, and we may even have some guest posts and interviews with people on campus regarding issues related to sustainability. We are huge fans of Western's Office of Sustainability and all of the good work they are doing, so we also hope to shine the spotlight on them whenever we can. And, most importantly, we hope to build connections and community as we share information with the campus. We invite comments and feedback, and we look forward to hearing from you!