Who is Hans Wholebean?

Meet Hans F. T. Wholebean, Western Libraries' Sustainability sock monkey! Hans was given to the library by Office of Sustainability's Carol Berry, partly as recognition and reward for Haggard Circulation's participation in the Sustainable Office Certification pilot project.

Hans was handmade by Carol, and his clothing comes from recycled and re-purposed materials. Hans always carries his own re-useable bag and drinking mug, and he also has a book about sustainability that he enjoys reading.

Hans wants to help inform people about sustainability in the library, and you may occasionally see him monkeying around and having a good time. He now officially resides in Special Collections as part of the Mathes Reading Figurines Collection, but he also enjoys checking out the Map Collection for hiking maps, or browsing through the library's DVDs looking for interesting documentaries.

Hans thinks libraries are one of the greatest wonders of the world because they are founded on principles of  sustainability in that they seek to provide  access to information to people (and sock monkeys), and they do this by sharing and re-using resources.Of course it is only fitting that Hans be a member of our sustainability blog team, so you will be seeing more of him on this site as he finds new information that he wants to share with you!

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  1. I think Hans needs a hat, possibly many hats, because library staff wear many. He should visit every department and let students and faculty behind doors they've never been through where work behind the scenes is done. He might even want to change the name cataloging to monkeyalogging. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet him.
    A retired library staff member.