What is a "Green Library?"

          What is now known as the “Green Library Movement” originated in the early 1990s, and is now made up of both public and academic libraries that are part of communities committed to reducing their impact on the environment. Often when librarians discuss “green” libraries, they are referring to “green”  library buildings, specifically a library building that has been remodeled or constructed with ecological and conservation needs in mind, such as LEED certified buildings. 

However, the idea that a “green” library only refers to a LEED certified building has begun to change, as more people are beginning to realize that the choices library employees make regarding daily operations and outreach to their community can do much to contribute towards the goal of achieving a more sustainable and healthier environment.  (from: Antonelli, M. (2008). The Green Library Movement: an Overview and Beyond. Electronic Green Journal, 1(27))

Western Libraries wants to show how we can be part of this growing movement by helping people connect with resources and information related to sustainability. WWU's Office of Sustainability has been an invaluable resource for Western Libraries by partnering with various library and Learning Commons departments to assist us with our participation in the Sustainable Office Certification Program, in addition to being a constant source of support, encouragement, and inspiration. (And if it wasn't for the Office of Sustainability, there would be no Hans Wholebean! To learn more about Hans, check out his page here.) 

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