Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Ask Us" Resources and Recycling

One thing that Western Libraries have that I really love is the "Ask Us" feature, which allows you to enter a question  into a search box, and be directed to possible answers. If you do not see your answer and you still have questions, you can also receive answers via email or sometimes chat. Also, your Q &As are then added to the knowledge base so that they can be accessed by others later who may also have the same question. It's a really neat feature that I find myself using fairly often, even though I work here!

Because I am such a fan of this kind of service, I love it when I encounter other similar features on websites elsewhere. For instance, I recently read a book called The Zero-Waste Lifestyle (that I borrowed from the Bellingham Public Library), and it got me thinking about whether or not I could recycle more of my household trash. Gone are the days when we think we can just throw something "away." We now know that this "away" is actually a landfill, and anything we can do to stop our "stuff" from winding up there is a good thing. With this on my mind I did a mini-waste audit of some of my own trash, and then I went to the local Sanitary Service Company website. And guess what I found... An awesome "Ask Us"  page with a section where I could submit my own questions online!

Within several days of submitting my questions, I received some great answers back, and I  learned that I can indeed recycle several items I had been unsure of, such as the blister packs my daily-wear contact lenses come in, or my empty deodorant containers. Call me geeky, but I actually had quite a bit of fun looking through the Sanitary Service Company website--they have some really great information, and I encourage you to check it out if you are wondering whether or not something in your home or office can be recycled. (And likewise, if you have any questions for the library, remember you can always Ask Us!)

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