Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The History of Food in America, sort of

I went to the Lunch and Learn today on the subject of food sustainability - and what a great pot luck!  Soup!  Pie!  Crusty bread! 

All of this got me thinking about, of course, government information.

Okay, I'm the government information librarian, so it's a vocational hazard.  But take a look at the titles of some of these early twentieth century Department of Agriculture publications, all in our collection.  Back then the farmer didn't have the Internet.  He or she might not have had access to a library.  These free or inexpensive pamphlets available from the County Agricultural Agent might make a big difference in crops, and therefore income.  I wonder how good the advice would be today?  By the way, most of the pre-1976 government publications we own are not in the online catalog, but the call numbers below will get you there, in Haggard 2.

Adequate diets for families with limited incomes (1931) A 1.38: 113
American medicinal plants of commercial importance
(1930) A 1. 38:77
Are we well fed?
(1941) A 1.38: 430
Blue fox farming in Alaska
(1925) A 1.3: 1350
Consumption of food in the United States, 1909-49
(1949) A 1.38: 691
Cooperative marketing
(1920) A 1.9: 1144
DDT and other insecticides and repellents developed for the armed forces
(1946) A 1.38: 608
The farm woman’s problems (1920) A 1.4: 148
Harmfulness of headache mixtures
(1909) A 1.9: 377
Is the public market a good civic investment? (1931) A 1.35:73
Kudzu as a farm crop
(1943) A 1.9: 1923
Northwestern apple packing houses
(1921) A 1.9: 1204
The sanitary privy
(1915) A 1.9: 463 (That's an outdoor toilet)
The school garden
(1917) A 1.9: 218
Some forms of food adulteration and simple methods for their detection
(1911) A 7.3:100
Toward farm security
(1938) A 1.38: 308

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