Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Retiring The Green Shelf in Order to Redirect Our Efforts

When we started this sustainability blog on behalf of Western Libraries back in 2013, it was partly because we wanted to make the connection between libraries and sustainability education & resources more explicit. Two years later, we feel we have been able to do just that, but we also see the value in trying to integrate this same objective more holistically into our our existing communication channels.

True to our mission (Western libraries connects--people to people, people to place, people to learning), we still want to help facilitate and strengthen all of these connections, including those related to sustainability, and we plan on doing so every chance we get. However, rather than continue to post on this stand-alone site, we have decided to utilize our other institutional communication channels, including our library "news" and "features" options, to share updates and stories about Western Libraries and sustainability. We also hope to better utilize our other social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, (where we have a larger built-in audience) to inform people about available sustainability resources.

This means that as much as we have enjoyed producing this blog and as much as we have valued the opportunities to share information with you all on this particular platform, we have decided to retire The Green Shelf so we can be more effective in redirecting our energies, still mindful of and committed to the same motivation and sense of purpose  that inspired us to create this blog.

We will leave The Green Shelf up for now but will no longer be posting any updates to this site. We thank everyone who has supported and read this blog these past two years, and we hope you will continue to engage with us, both online and in person here at Western Libraries.

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