Sunday, April 28, 2013

'Dirty Business' Monday Night at 6:30pm: Go Behind the Lightswitch

"Coal was the engine of the industrial revolution...It's the rock that built America. We are still as dependent on it today as we have ever been... The question is, where is it taking us in the future?" (from Dirty Business)
I really hope you can join us tomorrow evening at 6:30 on Monday, April 29, 2013 in Wilson Library Room 164 for the second film event of  "The Built to Last Picture Show," a  sustainability film series, Dirty Business: 'Clean Coal' and the Battle for Our Energy Future.  This film is being brought to you by Western Libraries, the Green Energy Fee Grant Program, and Students for Renewable Energy.  

Featuring stories from China to West Virginia, Dirty Business reveals the social and environmental costs of coal power. This is a topic that is timely and significant with both local and global implications. This one-hour film will also be followed by a discussion with members of the AS club Students for Renewable Energy. Please join us for an evening that asks us to consider the role that coal plays in our lives as we "go behind the light switch" and contemplate our future.  

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  1. Thanks to everyone who attended this film, and thanks to SRE for speaking afterwards! I hope you will all join us on Monday, 5/6 for the final film in our series, which will be Tapped.