Saturday, August 10, 2013

Green Patriot Posters Part Two: Hans' Lunch-Time Excursion

Every now and then, Hans likes to wander around and explore. Don't get me wrong--he loves his home in Special Collections, but sometimes he wants to see what else is happening in the rest of the library.

This past Thursday I met Hans for lunch, and he decided he wanted to see what was new in the Daylight Lounge. He grabbed the documentary A Fierce Green Fire, which he had been wanting to see for awhile, and then we wandered over to Circulation so he could borrow the movie and also visit with his friends Randi and Amy.

Randi and Amy were very friendly and helpful, and before we left, Amy told Hans about a book that Rob had brought by the desk earlier that day called Green Patriot Posters. She thought he might want to take a look at it, and she was right!

Hans loves art, and he is particularly fond of art that deals with sustainability and environmental education. We took the book upstairs to my desk so he could flip through the pages while I ate my sandwich, and he found several favorite posters before he returned home to Special Collections.

It's always a fun time when I take Hans to lunch, and I know I will have more to share with you about Hans and the library very soon...

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  1. Special thanks to Tamara, Randi, Amy, and Gabe for making lunch with Hans possible and fun. :) (Coming soon: Hans has a research consultation with Gabe.)